Stereo Microscope Mantis Elite
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Stereo Microscope Mantis Elite

Mantis Elite

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Stereo Microscope Mantis Elite with flexible universal arm and 4x - 8x objective lenses

Mantis Elite is an ergonomic eyepieceless stereo microscope, offering superb optical performance.

Mantis Elite is a perfect alternative to traditional stereo microscopes, in use throughout the world for a wide range of inspection, preparation and manipulation tasks requiring hand-to-eye co-ordination.

Patented eyepiece-less technology provides the Mantis Elite with truly exceptional 3-D imaging, plus a significant ergonomic advantage over conventional stereo microscopes, minimising operator fatigue and allowing the greater freedom of head movement, leading to increased quality and productivity.

Mantis Elite offers a large field of view and generous working distance to allow for a wide range of inspection, preparation and manipulation tasks, all with exceptional hand-eye co-ordination.

Advances in optical design allow your eyes and hands to work together resulting in increased throughput, accuracy and reduced scrap and rework.

Mantis Elite offers simple 3-dimensional viewing, with the apparent distance to the viewed object image identical to that of the real object, eliminating re-focussing of the operator's eye; thus reducing the likelihood of fatigue.

Objective Lenses Working distance Field of view
96 mm 34.0 mm
59 mm 17.0 mm

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