R&R ULTRA-VEST investment with Bandust

R&R ULTRA-VEST investment with Bandust

R&R ULTRA-VEST investment

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Ransom & Randolph ULTRA-VEST investment with BANDUST technology

Box of 22,7 Kg.

ULTRA-VEST investment is accepted by jewelry casters as being the most process forgiving product available for casting – saving casters time and money. ULTRA-VEST investment provides easy quench and easy cleanup, reducing your risk of losing valuable metal. ULTRA-VEST investment produces smoother surfaces than other investments, resulting in less finishing.

Respirable crystalline silica presents a health hazard in the investing room. BANDUST technology significantly reduces total respirable dust up to 97% versus standard R&R jewelry investments and as much as 99% compared to other jewelry investments.

Casters using BANDUST technology products indicate noticeably less dust overall during the investing process with the added benefit of improved housekeeping overall. Casting quality is maintained with excellent final casting results and no process changes are required during the investing stage.


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