GRS ID Ring Holder

GRS ID Ring Holder

ID Ring Holder GRS ITEM #004-735

Due to its ease of portability, the I.D. Ring Holder is a great alternative to bulkier and more expensive choices. This ring holder is a good economical option when users need a simple, functional, and quality workholding solution. For use with any GRS block or vise. This I.D .Ring Holder is not compatible with GRS BenchMate; see the Stone Setter's Package for either BenchMate Encore for a compatible I.D. Ring Holder fixture.

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ID Ring Holder GRS ITEM #004-735

The new GRS ID Ring Holder takes ring fixtures to a new level. The Double expansion cones assure equal pressure on both sides of the mandrel as it grips the inside diameter of the ring.

When using the Standard Cone (B) the ring drag can be set to allow smooth rotation of the work piece while setting stones or engraving the ring surface.

The unique locking action of the Locking Cone (C) allows the user to hold the ring in position without rotation and provides a steady platform on which to raise beads or pavé set.

Parts for ID Ring Holder:

004-705 2 Set of 10 Mandrels
022-057 2 Shcs, #8-32 x 0.25" blk
024-159 2 1/4-28 x 7/8" lg z/p coupler nut 3/8" hex
044-236 1 Standard outboard cone
044-237 1 Drawbar for new style id ring holder
044-238 1 Frame mounted mandrel expansion cone
044-239 1 ID ring holder frame
044-240 1 Draw bar knob for id ring holder
044-241 1 Locking outboard cone
044-242 1 3/8" hex wrench for id ring holder

Mandrels Diameter: 13,5 mm, 14,5 mm, 15,5 mm, 16,5 mm, 17,5 mm, 18,5 mm, 19,5 mm, 20,5 mm, 21,5 mm, 22,5 mm.

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