Silicone spray

Silicone spray

Silicone spray 400 ml.

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Silicone spray

This is a lubricant, releasing agent, protective spray, also suitable for plastic and rubber parts.

It is ideal as a releasing agent for moulds.

It immediately creates a protective, oily film, thanks to the use of solvents with high volatility. It lubricates, protects, waterproofs. It is resistant to washing away and abrasion. It maintains its function over a broad temperature range (-40 to +260°C). It stops seals, rubber, plastic and faux leather parts from ageing. It stops metal from oxidising. It protects locks and other mechanisms from freezing. It protects electrical systems from humidity and corrosion. It makes the materials it is applied to water repellent, such as heavy shoes, bags, etc. It is ideal for equipment and manufactured products exposed to humidity, and wherever there is a predominance of plastic and rubber parts. Its transparent and colourless appearance makes it suitable for precision equipment.

Bottle 400 ml.

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