Oxy-hydrogen welding machine - 750W

Oxy-hydrogen welding machine - 750W

Welding machine 

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Hydrogen Torch System, dual torch

This system offers dual torch outlets so that you can have two people working at the same time or can run two different torch tips, saving the time of changing back and forth as you work.
The system produces energy by using electricity to electrolyze hydrogen and oxygen atoms from an electrolyte solution to create a safer, cleaner, more economical hydrogen/oxygen fuel. The fuel gas produced by this catalytic reaction is highly effective for brazing in goldsmithing, for soldering in jewelry making, for eyewear and other delicate repairs, for glass work and for manufacturing operations. This system requires extremely simple maintenance.

This is the safer alternative to using pressurized fuel and oxygen tanks in your shop!

Electronic System for electrolyte liquid level control. Automatic working pressure control. Analogic intruments. Condensation recovery tank. Safety pressure switch.

The system includes:

  • two standard torch handles with tips;
  • rubber hose;
  • stainless steel cylinder for methyl alcohol.


Liters / hour
90 Liters / hour
Power 750 Watt
Torches number
2 torches
Size cm 46 x 25 x 31h
Kg 45

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