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Presidium Instruments

Presidium Instruments Pte Ltd, incorporated in 1979, is the world's leading manufacturer of gemmological instruments that test and measure diamonds and gems, for the diamond and gemstones industries. 
Presidium products are used in gemological institutes, laboratories, jewelry manufacturers, diamond appraisal businesses and retail jewelers globally. 
Presidium remains dedicated to serving the needs of the jewelry industry, with innovative products, quality engineering, on-time delivery and customer service beyond par. 
Committed to social responsibility, all Presidium products are RoHS compliant under The RoHS regulation (Directive 2002/95/EC) and are 4R compliant (Recover, Recycle, Reuse, Reduce) with The WEEE regulation (Directive 2002/96/EC).

Presidium Synthetic Diamond Screener II (SDS II)

Help to screen out Type IIa diamonds likely to be laboratory-grown diamonds.    

Tests on diamonds within a range in dimension from 1.5 mm in width and up to 5 mm in height (approx. 0.02 to 10 carat size).

Tests on polished diamonds of popular cuts such as brilliant round cut, emerald cut, baguette cut, etc.    

Can be used on both loose and mounted diamonds (on jewelry with open-back setting).

For use on colorless diamonds from D Color down to J Color.