Jeweller's Benches

Jeweller's Benches

Jeweller's Benches

Jewelers Bench ECO-TEK, one place

Steel structure, with wood with plastic laminate top.

Dimensions: cm 112 x 67 x 105/113h - Weight: kg. 75.

Includes: 20W led lamp, wooden tray inox steel coated, brush-Less suction system with double dust collection filter, predisposition for gas, 2 drawers with lock.

Made in Italy.


Ergonomic laboratory chair Mod. Ascona 

Backrest and seat in molded polyurethane foam cushioning covered with fireproof fabric. 

Choose dual pirouetting wheels or glides. 

Movement of rotation and elevation with gas piston, adjustable in height cm 42 - 50. 

Made in Italy.

From €410.00
Product available with different options

Jewelers Bench, one place

Structure in poplar wood, with plastic laminate top.

Wooden tray zinc coated or iron coated at your choice.

Dimensions: cm 90 x 59 x 100h.

Made in Italy.