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Presidium Synthetic Diamond Screener II (SDS II)

Help to screen out Type IIa diamonds likely to be laboratory-grown diamonds.    

Tests on diamonds within a range in dimension from 1.5 mm in width and up to 5 mm in height (approx. 0.02 to 10 carat size).

Tests on polished diamonds of popular cuts such as brilliant round cut, emerald cut, baguette cut, etc.    

Can be used on both loose and mounted diamonds (on jewelry with open-back setting).

For use on colorless diamonds from D Color down to J Color.

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Soldering alloy for White gold 18 Kt

To purchase please select desired hardness.

Carat: 18 kt.

Color: White.


Melting temperature: 970° C.

Bracket temperature: 70° C.

Bracket casting cooling: immediate in lukewarm water (about 40° C).

Annealing: 520° C for 20 minutes followed by rapid cooling in hot water (min. 40 ° C).

Flow temperature: 670° C.

IMPORTANT: the brackets to be used must be vertical and closed on both sides. Open ingot molds cannot be used because the plates thus obtained break upon rolling.