RIMSA 188 LED Magnifying Lamp

RIMSA 188 LED Magnifying Lamp

RIMSA 160 LED Lamp

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  • Grey hammered matte finish
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RIMSA 188 LED Magnifying Lamp

The 188LED model is particularly suitable for industrial use for lighting during precision work such as quality control, control of printed circuit boards, and for mould making; in the graphic field for checking prints and lithographs and in the private sector for modelling, sewing, philately or reading. The product is suitable in the medical field for minor surgery, eye surgery, podiatry, dermatology, and in the beauty treatment sector, in spas or beauty centres. The lens used on model are made of polished optical glass in order to avoid visual fatigue, migraine headaches, distortions or misrepresentation of the colours of the object observed which would occur in the case of plastic lenses or other types of glass lenses.The lens has 3 dioptres, thus offering 75% more magni cation than the original. 

Power: 9,5W

Supply: 220-240V

Reflector’s diameter: 230mm

Product's life: 50.000 hours

Structure: Pantograph

IP protection: IP20

IK protection: IK03

Class: I Cable: H03 VVF 3X0.75 - 170 cm with 2P + T 10A plug

Fixing: s/11 s/12 s/15 clamp

Made in Italy.

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